Item collection 3475094 original

Blue Baby Booties, Soft Sneakers for babies


Item collection 3469537 original

Pink Sneakers, Soft Baby Shoes, Baby Booties for Girls


Item collection 3465233 original

Purple Baby Bootie Sneakers for Boys and Girls


Item collection 2669468 original

Hip Cool Mismatched Handmade Knit Baby Booties


Item collection 3708278 original

Knitted Baby Mittens for the Cool Little Dude


Item collection 2682272 original

Knitted Baby Booties for the Cool Little Dude


Item collection 3018804 original

Large Handwoven Baby Blanket for boys or girls


Item collection 3015943 original

Handknit Receiving Baby Blanket of Homespun Wool for girl or boy


Item collection 3402711 original

Happy Baby's Knitted Baby Booties


Vermont Homespun

Handspun, handwoven, knitted, crocheted, and felted items are among the unique & useful treasures at Vermont Homespun. Everything here is Handmade in Vermont, USA!

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