Designer Handwoven Mohair and Chenille Scarf


Handmade Knit Hat and Scarf Set for Men


Designer Knit Crochet Winter Fashion Hat and Scarf Set


Handwoven Diamond Twill Blue Mohair Blend Scarf with fringe


Designer Knit Hat & Scarf Set for Men


Men's Winter Hat and Scarf Set


Attractive Diagonal Knit Scarf for Men or Women


Affordable Custom-made Hat and Scarf Set


Thick Warm Homespun Wool Handmade Knit Scarf for Men or Women


Homespun Wool Scarf for Men and Women


Designer Knit Hat & Scarf Set for Women


Thick & Warm Winter Hat & Scarf Set Custom Made for You


Hand-Crocheted Pink Mohair-Blend Lace Scarf


Handwoven Soft Chenille Brown Striped Scarf for Men or Women


Handwoven Scarf Velvet-Soft Chenille Bright Red-Orange


Warm Winter Women's Handmade Knitted Hat and Scarf Set


Vermont Homespun

Handspun, handwoven, knitted, crocheted, and felted items are among the unique & useful treasures at Vermont Homespun. Everything here is Handmade in Vermont, USA!

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